Humans of Cardiff – Blowing Cardiff’s Mind

This week on Radio Cardiff, as part of the Cardiff at One show, I spoke to Helen Giles and Kat Keeble-Buckle who are both lecturers at Cardiff and Vale College on Dumballs Road. Helen works with Music Students and Kat works with Fine Art students. Both are running Humans of Cardiff themed projects with their years, and, as I’ve already had some involvement with both projects, I thought I should get them on the show to talk about the work they’ve been doing, and also the events which they’ve organised with the students.

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The Creative Republic of Cardiff Interview

Almost immediately following the recent news about the closure of the Full Moon on Womanby Street, reports began emerging about, “The Creative Republic of Cardiff.” After a quick look on their Facebook page I read that this is a non-profit company that plans to re-open The Moon, and that it was set up by former staff and friends, so I got in touch to invite them onto the Cardiff at One show, and my invite was kindly accepted by Grant Jones and Tommy Ingram.

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