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This weekend the studios were booked to shoot a music video with Welsh sludge rockers, Hark. As part of the creative process we were also asked to source a model to feature alongside the band as part of their concept. As we have a growing number of models on our records we were able to offer a selection of choices and agree on one of our BEWTagency models, Cheyenne, who was happy to get involved with the production.

Hark guitarist Joe Harvatt in makeup


It has to be said, when you think of hardened rockers, as they are often portrayed by the media, one might find themselves picturing an unruly bunch of people who are going to trash everything in sight and leave you hopping mad with a big mess to clear up afterwards. The truth is quite to the contrary however, Hark were friendly, respectful and overall, a real nice bunch of guys to work with.



First to arrive was Rhodri Thomas, Swansea based director, lighting/cameraman and video editor. Rhod has a wealth of experience working on films and videos for a whole plethora of nationally recognised names and his work has been broadcast by the likes of ITV, MTV2, Scuzz and Kerrang TV. We had a little spare time before the band arrived so I was lucky enough to get the lowdown on what he’s been up to recently. Rhod was happy to tell me about a music video he shot for Welsh electronic band, Carcharorion (Detainees) and after watching the video for myself, I can see why he was excited to share this. I now find myself eager to see his forthcoming documentary on a Welsh rock/metal band named, Ravenheart, due to premier later this year.





Once the band had arrived, we loaded in and set about ensuring they had everything they needed in order to get cracking. Dionne got to work with Cheyenne’s make-up, which, although this isn’t something usually on her job-list, Dionne pulled it off amazingly! With any location filming, there’s usually quite a bit of prep work to be done before any cameras actually start recording, and this was no exception. By the afternoon however, things were in full swing and any illusions of a peaceful, quiet afternoon’s filming were swiftly shattered as Hark let rip in the grand hall. I’ll admit that even I was slightly surprised at the volume levels as the windows started to shake in their frames. Needless to say, there were some comments passed regarding volume levels, but the band remained focussed and managed to record their live performance pieces without shaking this old bank to the ground.


Somewhere beneath all this gear was a photo studio.


On the second day, I had the opportunity to talk with the band’s front man, Jimbob, for a while in-between shooting. He told me that the band are excited to see what comes of 2017 following all their hard work last year. He went on to explain that the band will be releasing their new album, “Machinations”, on the 24th February ahead of their upcoming tour which will see them playing shows in numerous locations throughout various countries including Germany, France, The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands and Belgium. The video they were shooting at BEWTstudios is also hoped to be released before they leave the Uk to share a tourbus with the likes of Conan, Downfall of Gaia and High Fighter.


If you’d like to find out more about the band, and to follow their progess, visit their website.



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